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Our Story

We opened our Signs By Tomorrow office in March of 2001. Little did we know that it was going to be a tough year to open a business, with September 11th happening only six months later. We (Kathleen Peneguy and Joey Costanzo) were accountants before compelling to our entrepreneurial spirit. We worked together as staff accountants for a company in Marietta, CDE Services and decided to start our own business after our controller retired. This accounting experience has assisted greatly through the years in making some tough financial decisions. Thumbing through a few ideas, we decided on the Sign Industry with Signs By Tomorrow after some discussion with our friend and current Franchisee, Rusty Lawson. Kathleen grew up locally in East Cobb and insisted that the Alpharetta market would be the absolute best location to start our business, predicting the area's explosive growth.

In the first few years of operation, we appropriated very little money for ourselves, putting everything back into the business. Since both of us were young, unmarried, and no children, we were able to make sacrifices that would have been difficult if we had families. We have made many decisions we would call learning experiences that we can laugh about today. We have also formed many close contacts and friendships with our customers, vendors, and other franchises, which is a great consequence of doing business in this community. Before opening our center, there was no City of Milton, City of Johns Creek, or Sandy Springs. The Avalon was just an idea we were not sure would ever be completed. When we would tell people where we were located, it would take a little effort to explain. Even though the area has grown expediently, it has maintained its rural charm. Now that we are both married and have children, what mattered in the beginning is not the same today. While we love the sign industry and this business, it is not the most important thing in our life. We are here to serve. Let us know how we can serve you.